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Professional 44 air bags air pressure massage cellulite reduction pressotherapy suit

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Air Pressure Massager Cellulite Reduction Lymph Drainage Pressotherapy System with 44 air bags model DO-S07

pressotherapy lymphatic massage

Welcome OEM & ODM service

The more air bags, the more comfortable the customer's experience, and the better the treatment.

Air bags consist of

1.Arm: 8pcs airbags(left arm 8pcs + right arm 8 pcs)

2.Waist: 4 pcs airbags

3.Leg: 12 pcs airbags( left leg 12pcs +right leg 12pcs )

Functions of of 44 air bags Pressotherapy

1) To improve the circulation of lymphatic system, to promote the blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage, to expel the toxins and some unuseful substance out of body.

2) To soften & separate fat knot, to expel excess fat & edema symptoms, to keep slim.

3) To improve cellulite syndrome, to prevent the formation of varicose veins effectively.

4) To eliminate fatigue, to regulate human physiology, enhance prevention & resistance of disease, to play a great important role of adjuvant therapy to recover sequelae caused by apoplexy & hemiplegia.

Features of 44 air bags Pressotherapy

a) The large digital tube could display each operation modes, very simple to operate, very convenient and clear.

b) The digital technology control could offer many humane modes option for different light people, different weight people, different fast people, different slow people via controlling time, orientation, position, pressure.

c) Supper airbag design, in total, there are up to 44 airbags wrapped for whole body so that it can make sure every single parts of body could be felt the process of pressing

d) What ever parts, whole body, single or double, the instruments can be used simultaneously.

f) Air pressure slimming suit (cloth, pants, shoes, belt) made of special material-light & soft, and further more they are easy to dress well, to clean well, and much pretty durable.

Technical Specifications of 44 air bags Pressotherapy

3D Air Pressure Massage Device
Model DO-S07
PVC Plastic
Air bags 44pcs
Arm left arm 8 pcs + right arm 8 pcs
Waist 4 pcs airbags
Leg 24 pcs airbags(left leg 12pcs + right leg 12pcs)
Intensity L,M,S
Power Consumption 120W
Air Pump Output 50L/min
Pressure 120mmHg-200mmHg
Gross Weight 31kgs
Packing Size 67*55*36CM
Voltage AC100-120V/220-240V; 50-60Hz

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